A little bit about me......


My name is Adrian Walters. Like most guys my age I started out with Airfix/Tamyia kits as a kid, I had just about every WW2 model Tamiya made at the time! I stopped modeling in my mid teens when other things started to take my interest... As they do!

I got back into modeling some years later when an ex-girlfriends son asked me to paint his models for a game he had for Christmas. The game was Warhammer 40K and within a week I was hooked.

After reading White Dwarf and seeing the beautifully painted models of the ‘Eavy Metal Team. I went on a bit of a mission; I just wanted my models would look like theirs. Nine months later I went to my first 'Games Day' convinced I was going to win something! It was probably one of the most sobering days of my life! A complete opening of my eyes; I could not believe some of the models, at the time I had no point of reference. It was the year Neil Thomason's Wolf priest won the Slayer Sword ('96). Some of the hand painted banners were just out of this world and that the models looked so REAL to my eyes! I expect most people there heard my jaw hit the floor! I didn’t paint a model for a couple of weeks after and just had a good think about what I had seen. How was I going to 'up my game'.
 I was seriously inspired on that day.

The following Games Day I went as one of the ‘Eavy Metal Team! I did 'up my game' considerably. After seeing my figures in the Games Workshop Bristol store on one of the studio tours, I was recruited to fill a gap which had opened in the 'Eavy Metal team at the time.

“Mission accomplished!!!”.

I moved to Nottingham and worked as an ‘Eavy Metal Painter for a year with my stuff featuring in White Dwarf 216–228 and learned a hell of a lot. It's an intensive learning experience for a couple of months and painting so much really hones one's brush technique. Working with the others was great; guys like Ben Jefferson, Torben Schnoor, Neil Green, Matt Parkes and Jakob Nielson to name a few! I had a blast.

After leaving and moving back to Bristol I felt like a total change and got into painting historical figures. I spent around a year just learning how to paint flesh tones and how to light source a model. I joined a local modeling club and started to go to the many model shows throughout the country. I enjoyed exhibiting my work, was soon giving painting demonstrations and entering competitions. I was quite successful!

In 1999 I won a Gold medal at Euromilitaire (the historical model show). It is the model titled 'Gaul 100 BC'. Still my most prized possession!
In 2000 I was the BMSS (British Model Soldier Society) National Champion at the Annual Show at the Connaught Rooms in London. I won every class I entered.
In 2001 I won a second gold in Euromilitaire. This is the model of 'Maximus'. I sold it before the competition and don't have any better photographs than those shown in the gallery.

Until recently I was employed by 'Mongoose Publishing'. Originally to paint their Starship Troopers miniatures, unfortunately a project that was 'ill conceived' in my opinion from the start and I'll leave it at that... I was involved in many diverse projects in the next two years working for Mongoose. From designing, mainly from photographs, the vehicles for the game Battlefield Evolution (BfEvo) a Pre-Painted Plastic miniatures game. To sculpting many of the space ships for the Babylon 5 spaceship game 'A Call To Arms'. To preparing for resin production many of larger models (originally sculpted for plastic production) for the upcoming, and, then, cancelled, Starship Troopers Evolution.

After leaving Mongoose. I was offered the position of Creative Director in a new company starting up in the fantasy wargames business in America. A very flattering offer but after careful consideration, personal family reasons meant I wanted to stay in the UK.

 So after six years out of the last ten spent as a salaried proffesional modeler I'm now back to freelance painting again. A very liberating feeling indeed.
 I look forward to making some new friends and satisfying my customers needs, old and new.

All the best and happy modeling