Here are some rough guides for commissions. The quality of my work speaks for its self and I do not compromise on the effort that I put into doing figures for my customers.

Single unmounted 28mm figure, unconverted and based - £50 -> space marine chaplin, ulrik, vindicare
Single unmounted 28mm figure, special character with banner, unconverted and based - £100 ->aziel, calgar
Single unmounted large creature, unconverted and based - £100 -> bone giant

Single mounted 28mm figure unconverted and based - £75
Single mounted 28mm figure, special characterwith banner, unconverted and based - £150-> archaon, tyrion
Single large creature with rider, unconverted and based - £200 - king setra

I tend not to do large regiments or groups of figures however if you have a warband for say Confrontation,
Necromunda, Mordhiem or something similar and would like to have them all done in the same style I would be happy to give you a quote to do them.

If you would like models converted or something really special then please feel free to contact me to
discuss your specific requirements.